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  • Whether you are in the process of building your dream home or are the building manager in charge of the construction of a large commercial venture, ensuring that you install the most appropriate HVAC system is a critical decision that you simply cannot afford to get wrong. That decision starts with the HVAC company you choose to design and install the system, and we are confident that you will not find a better company in San Antonio to design and install your system than Classic Air Conditioning Services.

    It makes no difference how beautiful a home you live in if the property is always too warm, or too cold. Your home should be perfectly designed and comfortable, a refuge from the rest of the world, where it is enjoyable to spend time and relax as a family.  Likewise, when it comes to commercial properties, to ensure maximum productivity and a happy workforce, the work environment needs to be designed properly so that the ultimate working temperature can constantly be set.

    Although it is always possible to change, upgrade and improve any HVAC system, it is a much superior solution to design and build the ultimate system from scratch at the construction stage. At Classic Air Conditioning Services we have many years of experience working with and advising building companies on how to ensure they are installing the correct systems for every property they construct. 

    No System Suits All Properties 

    Although there has been a lot of development and advancements in technology within the HVAC industry, the fact remains that there is no one size fits all system. Our local knowledge of the climate and environment means that we are ideally placed to design and create the ultimate HVAC system for every property. Energy efficiency is becoming an even more important element of the installation process, which is why our team of technicians have been and continue to be trained on the latest advancements in this ever-changing industry. 

    We Focus On Four Key Elements In The Design Process

    Although there are hundreds of individual changes and tweaks that can be made when designing an HVAC system we always have four foundations underpinning every part of the process. These are

    • Ensuring that the system is designed with appropriate sizes in mind -  Perhaps the most important part of any HVAC design choice a system needs to be correctly sized. If the system is underpowered, it will constantly struggle to heat or cool the property and will have to work much harder, which in turn will create excessive wear and tear and increase the costs of operation. Alternatively, if too powerful a system is installed, then the homeowner is wasting money paying for expensive and overpowered technology that is simply unnecessary for their property.
    • We Ensure That All Legislation And Energy Codes Are Fully Complied With – For obvious reasons there are numerous pieces of legislation, recommendations, and regulations that govern how an HVAC system should be installed, monitored and signed off. These regulations are always in a constant state of flux as new laws are made or changed, which is why we always ensure that our systems are fully compliant. This not only means that we fulfill our obligations as a company, but it also ensures that every customer has a safely working HVAC system. As you would expect safety is always our primary concern and something that we refuse to compromise on.
    • We Also Design and Create Efficient Ductwork Designs – In an ideal world, an HVAC system would be able to go straight through the middle of any property ensuring that it was taking the shortest route to be as efficient as possible. In reality, the ducting should be hidden, out of the way and yet still operate at maximum efficiency. One of the skills that our team of technicians pride themselves on is finding innovative and creative ways to ensure that the ductwork is always out of sight, built into the property, but remains extremely efficient. This is the kind of creative expertise that sets Classic Air Conditioning Services apart and in our opinion makes us the superior choice for HVAC in San Antonio.
    • We Ensure That The Homeowners Understand and Are Happy With Our Design Choices – At the end of the day, the only people that really matter in the entire process are the clients. The future owners of the property are the people who need to understand and agree with all of the design choices which is why we always explain and discuss our ideas with the future owner where possible. They are after all the people who will have to live with the end product, so we believe it is essential that they are involved in the planning process.

    Whatever your new installation HVAC requirements at Classic Air Conditioning Systems, we have the necessary knowledge, expertise, and talent to deliver the perfect system for your needs. Do not accept any substitute, give our customer service team a call today and ensure that your HVAC system is designed by the experts to deliver many years of the perfect homely environment.