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  • Preventive Maintenance Plan 


    HVAC systems have evolved over the years and are now complex and technical pieces of equipment. Although the modern-day systems are more efficient and reliable than ever before, anything mechanical has the potential to break down, and should always be serviced and maintained as per the manufacturer's instructions.

    Your HVAC system is a significant investment, which is why it is essential that it is looked after and properly maintained. Regular maintenance will not only ensure that your system operates efficiently, but it should also detect any problems early and therefore prevent them developing into expensive repair bills. 

    Because your HVAC system is so reliable, it is often one of those modern luxuries that we have all come to take for granted. It is only when something goes wrong that people realize how important their HVAC system is to their everyday lives. As with all things of a mechanical nature, you can virtually guarantee that a problem will develop during peak season, which is predominantly in the middle of summer or winter. As a consequence, even finding an HVAC technician could prove to be a challenge, and expect to pay a lot of money in call out charges.

    Let’s examine the workload of your average HVAC system. Most furnaces run anywhere between 6 to 8000 hours per annum, and most air conditioning units about 500 hours per year. Would you consider driving your car for 8500 miles every year without giving it a service? In San Antonio, the average high temperature is about 79.8 degrees Fahrenheit, with the average low temperature about 57.6, so your HVAC system gets extensive use. 

    What Are The Benefits To Having A Service Agreement With Classic Air Conditioning Services?

    1 Peace Of Mind – Whenever any HVAC system breaks down there is a high chance that the repair could be very expensive. Ironically the vast majority of problems are preventable, by having the system regularly serviced and maintained. Although there is no guarantee that a problem will not develop, the chances are significantly decreased, which in turn provides many customers with peace of mind, knowing that their system has been well maintained and looked after.

    2 Regular Servicing That We Keep Track Of

    With everyone living such busy lifestyles, it can be easy to forget to book your annual HVAC maintenance service. However, this is something else that Classic Air Conditioning Services takes care of for you. We keep a record of the last time that your equipment was serviced and then contact you about a month in advance of when the next service is due. This then gives you plenty of choice and flexibility to book your next service in plenty of time to comply with the manufacturer recommendations. 

    All Of Our Maintenance Plan Customers Are Given Priority

    Although problems rarely arise, if and when your system does develop a fault, as a maintenance plan customer you will always be given priority over other customers that do not have a maintenance plan. Inevitably the problems tend to occur during the peak periods, but this will not be an issue for you, and you can be confident that in most circumstances we will have a technician with you on the same day. 

    We Have An In-Depth Knowledge Of Your Equipment

    Every time we complete a service on an HVAC system, we take extensive notes about the make and model of the system and any work or maintenance that was carried out on it. This in-depth knowledge of the system ensures that in the case of an emergency or other problem, we can utilize this information to find the solution quicker. 

    What Does An Annual Service Include?

    Our technicians will complete a full and detailed examination of your systems, and this will include, but is not limited to

    • An inspection of the coolant levels and pressure within the system. This is important to ensure that your system is running at maximum efficiency
    • Full calibration of thermostats, including checking of cycle and temperature.
    • A full inspection and cleaning of your heating and air conditioning systems
    • A discount on any repairs that are required
    • Improved indoor air quality
    • Potential decrease in energy costs, due to the system running more efficiently
    • A full and comprehensive report on the state of your system and any recommendations for future work.

    We firmly believe that our preventative maintenance plans provide excellent value for money, peace of mind and improved efficiency of your systems. There are a number of different plans available so speak to our friendly and helpful customer service teams to discuss all of the various options available to you.