• Your Comfort Is Our Business
  • HVAC professionals for 10+ years. State License: TACLB27092E
  • Whatever your Commercial HVAC requirements Classic Air Conditioning services have the knowledge and equipment to resolve your problems with the minimum of impact to your business. As in every industry time is money, and whenever a commercial HVAC system develops a fault, we fully understand that the impact on your business could potentially be catastrophic.

    If your business premises is too cold or too warm for the workforce to safely continue with their roles, then the financial cost to your business could quickly run into thousands of dollars. That is why we always ensure that we build in some resilience into our staffing levels so that we always have staff available to deal with emergency call outs in our commercial section.

    Commercial systems can be more complex, more challenging to work on, and even gaining access can prove problematic. Whatever your issues you can rest assured that our team of technicians will go beyond the level of service you expect, in order to get your business up and running and back to full capacity as quickly as possible.

    We only recruit the highest quality technicians, and we then ensure that they retain and improve their knowledge by sending them on regular courses and conferences. Whether there are new regulations that have been introduced or breakthrough technology that would benefit your business, you can be confident that Classic Air Conditioning Systems San Antonio will be fully aware and up to date with all current legislation and systems.

    We know what our customers expect from a commercial HVAC Service Provider, but as an employer, we set the expectations even higher. 

  • Resources

    Many of our competitors place a lot of focus on the speed with which they can respond to any call out. However, something that many people never take into consideration is, do they have the resources available to cope with any difficult or challenging situations that they may find themselves in? Our vans come fully stocked with virtually any replacement parts that are likely to be required, and in the unlikely situation that we don’t have a part, we have excellent relationships with all of the major manufacturers, which enables us to source most parts quickly and easily. 

  • Professional Members Of Staff With A Single Point of Contact

    Not only are our staff fully qualified, they are also trained to deliver the high-quality levels of customer service that our company is renowned for. They will always turn up on time as agreed, will look smart and be professionally turned out in our uniform. As the customer you will be notified of a single point of contact and provided with all of their details, so that if you have any issues or concerns you can liaise directly with your nominated member of staff. Our clients all appreciate this method of operation, as it saves them a lot of time and hassle and enables the work to be completed quickly and with more efficiency. 

  • We Deliver Results Which In Turn Helps Your Company Deliver Results

    Everyone who is in business today is in a results-driven industry, whether they like to admit it or not. We understand that your company needs to be operating at maximum capacity all of the time while minimizing the costs of doing business. We consistently deliver the results you are looking for, and this does not just refer to the repair side of our business. With our regular service plans, we can help your company to 

    • Reduce energy use and expenditure
    • Reduce operational costs
    • Increase the lifespan of any HVAC equipment
    • Reduce the length of time that machinery is out of service or not working to maximum efficiency
    • Improve the quality of indoor air 

    We offer a wide range of commercial services, and everything can be tailored individually to your requirements. The services we offer include

    • Commercial Service and Repair
    • Commercial Maintenance and Service Plans
    • Commercial System Replacement
    • New Commercial Installations including design and installation

    There are a huge number of different HVAC solutions to choose from, and our friendly customer service teams will always be more than happy to complete a site visit and discuss the various options available to you. For larger properties with a flat roof and easy roof access, then packaged rooftop units may be the perfect solution. As a company, we use Lennox products, due to their industry-leading efficiency, and ease of installation.

    When it comes to heating your commercial premises, we offer a wide variety of options ranging from high-efficiency furnaces through to high-performance heating units. All of these options can be tailored to suit your specific building.

    We also offer an environmentally friendly commercial energy system, which is the first and only commercial HVAC system that integrates directly with solar power. This is an excellent option to reduce energy costs, reduce the damage to the environment, and demonstrate to current and future clients your dedication to environmental issues. 

    Whenever it comes to commercial HVAC requirements, it is essential to choose an HVAC company that has the capacity to deal with emergencies quickly and efficiently. They need to be reliable, efficient and deliver exceptional customer service. As Classic Air Conditioning Services, we have built our reputation on all of the above values, and we are determined to continually exceed our customer's expectations. If you have been searching for the perfect HVAC commercial business for your small business, then your search is over. Give our friendly and helpful customer service team a call today to arrange a free no-obligation quote.